Real finding for those who don’t imagine holidays without shashlik and pair mugs of excellent beer

«Leaders’ hut» – the best place for celebration!

«Leaders’ hut 1000 and 1 guest» exactly so is called a special hut in the club «Partizan» and this name is not overestimated at all. In the huge banquet room which is called «Leaders’ hut» is very easy to accommodate the guests of the most numerous celebration: wedding, birthday, corporate event etc.

However, huge human capacity is far not all with what this hut can make you happy. Among other advantages should be mentioned:

  • Very convenient to reach. Even from the center of Kiev you can reach the club «Partzan» and its «Leaders’ hut» only in 20 minutes. Besides it’s convenient to come here not only by personal car but also by public transport. 20 minutes is all that separate you and your guests from a pine forest, picturesque lake and excellent rest in the open air.
  • Food is very delicious here. Club «Partizan» is long ago known by Kievers and guests of the capital as the place with excellent cuisine. All tasty dishes of the club, you can try as a guest of «Leaders’ hut». And these are huge assortment of fresh beer and fish, caught out in a lake located nearby and offers from new mangal menu and many many others.
  • We have all necessary equipment here. No matter how large-scale, loud and cheerful holiday you have planned, in «Leaders’ hut» you will find all necessary equipment to conduct your celebration. We mean power sound and light, projecting equipment.
  • You can conduct any holiday here. Two-storied building «Leaders’ hut» easily will be a легко an excellent platform for absolutely any holiday why, not in vain the best people of Kiev celebrated own weddings here, not in vain exactly here were large-scale conferences of famous international and domestic enterprises. And also concerts of different performers as for example «Zapreshchennyye barabanshchiki» и «Lyapis Trubetskoy» are successfully held here.
  • Special atmosphere prevails here. We have not only tasty food, excellent equipment and really beautiful interior. We have the main thing for a successful holiday – special atmosphere of happiness, joy, excellent mood which you can literally feel by the skin. Come here and feel this atmosphere by your own, it will charm you!


Located at Novoobukhovskaia trassa not far from Kiev, hotel «Beerlogovo» provides the whole complex of pleasures which cal last all day long and even longer.

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